reminder: please do not refer to acts of transmisogyny as simply transphobic.

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This might end up being an unpopular opinion, but in the wake of the shooting in Kansas, all of the “hail hydra” jokes are starting to make me uncomfortable.  Like, jokes in the context of the movie?  No problem.  Whispering it to real life people?  Maybe you shouldn’t do that thing.


this really speaks to me.

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>First norowareshi houseki since roman
>Mahoutsukai Saravante
>Joelle’s Kimi ga Umaretekuru Sekai
>Sunawachi… seikanchotunnel


This is the first time i’ve been so excited about SH since the Märchen DVD

took them long enough but yes

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The box he came in was sort of unnecessarily large, but he’s quite lovely

Done with work!  Just gotta finish getting everything ready for my panel and it’s off to Tekko tomorrow



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Just a reminder that this is still going!

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If a videogame developer ever tells you they “didn’t show the females of that alien species because they would look awkward”, what they’re really saying is “we’re stupid and sexist and can’t conceive of a female character without a pretty face, boobs and ass, please kick us in the groin, we deserve pain”

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Experimenting with paints
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Experimenting with paints

I’m so sorry